Agricultural Consulting

Photo Credit: Thomas Dykstra

Photo Credit: Thomas Dykstra

Dr. Dykstra is broadly trained in agriculture with specializations in entomology and the complex physiological reasons why insects are only attracted to dead, dying, or nutritionally poor plants. He relates insect feeding to plant physiology and agronomy helping to solve problems as to why farmers and weekend gardeners lose their crops and what they can do to correct the problem(s).

Dr. Dykstra assists farmers in weaning themselves off of chemical farming. Although weaning is best completed gradually, ceasing all spraying of pesticides does have its benefits on the farm in certain circumstances. Results can be noted in less than one season. Crop plants become healthier almost immediately and this is reflected in their plant sap or leaf Brix readings (dissolved solids in an aqueous solution). Plant health may be augmented to the point where plants are no longer attractive to insects or affected by disease. In short, healthy plants are insect and disease resistant. Once reaching this level of health, the farmer then begins to produce food that is sustainable, flavorful, attractive, and objectively healthy for humans and farm animals.

Farmers will produce crops that exhibit long-term storage, will garner top price when selling, and will satisfy the hunger of his own family as he provides nutritionally dense food. Dr. Dykstra intends to always educate the farmer so that he can help his farm and break the dependence upon perpetual addendums (especially pesticides and artificial fertilizers) that serve only to adversely affect the soil, hurt the crop, and compromise the bottom-line. If the farmer raises animals, Dr. Dykstra can help raise the quality of your feed so that animals will remain healthy, and no longer require expensive veterinary visits. He is adamant about reversing the trend in the United States which currently finds farmers losing their farms at alarming rates.


Photo Credit: Thomas Dykstra

As an agricultural consultant Dr. Dykstra:

  • Prepares agricultural reports for farmers, crop consultants, and farm managers
  • Serves as an expert witness
  • Provides private presentations on agricultural issues to groups and businesses
  • Provides public presentations to local school groups and science museums
  • Will visit farms and assess potential problems, and how to solve them